by Rachel Sermanni

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Damian Ainscough
Damian Ainscough thumbnail
Damian Ainscough This really is a thing of beauty.
Sun's going down and I'm gently relaxing when there's so much happening to oppose that state in these extraordinary times. (And much of it caused by humans.)
Thank you, Rachel. Favorite track: Gently I.
Steve Lawson
Steve Lawson thumbnail
Steve Lawson beautiful patient, unhurried moving music. A breath of fresh air. Love this.
Fergus Currie
Fergus Currie thumbnail
Fergus Currie Hypnotic and ethereal
Hassles thumbnail
Hassles It's as simple as it is sublime. Minimalism at it's heart rendering best. Allurism at it's finest!
Louis de Beaumont
Louis de Beaumont thumbnail
Louis de Beaumont Heard Rachel play this one live as well, what a treat. Jen's Song shouldn't be overlooked too. Favorite track: Gently I.
Drew McNaughton
Drew McNaughton thumbnail
Drew McNaughton Rachel's voice is like a breath of clear mountain air. Beautifully done. Favorite track: Jen's Song.
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Gently I 09:44
I'm better off alone, I know it, This is a one man mission. I want to give you all when I'm giving but then i've got nothing more. I know it comes around, Oh am I the only one who's tired of it coming around? Probably never let you know but I think I hold on for fear of letting you down. Every time I try to know it feels like there's something missing. I cannot sleep it off But I can hide it By sleeping in. No need to see the day, It's only long and crowded, Keep it away, Don't want to know about it. I'm gonna take my time To say it Cos' I'm not sure what I'm saying. Gonna take my words and plant them They can talk when they're tall trees swaying. Let it take control, We're only human Afterall. This world is all consuming. Have I ever really questioned Why I wanted Everything I have That surrounds me, memory haunted? And everything I lack, How could I hold so strong? Carry on my back, all of these rights and wrongs? I do not want to hurt you. I do not want to numb you. I do not wish to change you. You are who Ever you are. Ever this day. Ever this dream walk Ever your way.
Gently II 06:53
Gently, Sweet stranger. Easy. Slow. Gently sweet stranger, Wherever you go. Safely, Sweet traveller, Wind at your back. Safely sweet traveller, as you roll down the track. Softly, Sweet piano, Play in his head. Softly, sweet piano Lay him down to the bed.
Gently III 04:17
It's a cold cold wind You don't have to be so kind You don't have to understand It won't hold me I am blowing away. It's a blinding rain I wish you didn't feel so sure The water batters at the door And I am running clearer Every day. It's a storm I can't hold this all together I love you and you love me Still I think I'd rather be. And as the cloud rolls in I beg you not to deny it Won't you let me go.
Jen's Song 04:54
What did I do To deserve you? How did I land with you on these sands? Shall we go swim in the Indian sea? How do I explain, it's worse than a dream. I find myself tied with you by my side. Shall we go beg on a merciless street, And get fed more than we could ever eat. I think I know what you are. You're the closest I will get to a star. I hope your mother knows, I'd be proud if I gave birth to one of those. Where are we now? Don't shake your head. This is your life Though it feels like you're dead when you are stood on the top of the world. Oh to be A swallow with thee, Oh to be wolves Wild and free. Shall we dance where the sun never sets? Who needs to know which way is west. When I will always know which way is best. I think I knows what you is. You're the closest I will get to an Angel. i hope your father knows I'd be proud if I conceived of those.


released July 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Rachel Sermanni Scotland, UK


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